Terms And Conditions

Scheduled Lessons

When we agree upon a day and time for your lesson, that becomes your guaranteed space. It is your responsibility to attend on the day, time and frequency agreed upon. Once that place is arranged you will not be able to change it on a weekly basis.

If I have any cancelations that day, I may contact you to see if you can come in earlier. You are under no obligation to do so and can chose to attend at your normal agreed time.

If you do require a change to your agreed day in future, please speak to me as soon as possible so I can attempt to accommodate you. Please be aware this may not be possible as I will need to rely on another student swapping their time slots with you.

Cancellations and Re-arranging Lessons

If you cannot attend your scheduled lesson, you must give me at least 24 hours notice. Failure to attend without notifying me will result in the lesson still being charged.

Once I have been notified of any non-attendance, if I can conduct your lesson later that week, I shall; otherwise your lesson will be moved to the following week with no additional charge.

Should I need to cancel or re-arrange your scheduled lesson, I will inform you as soon as possible, and if it is not possible to conduct your lesson later that week, I will carry your lesson over with no additional charge.

If you do not attend for two weeks and have NOT notified me, I will assume you no longer wish to keep your place and will offer it to another.


Fees are payable in blocks of 4 and will cover you for 4 weeks (1 lesson per week). I will notify you when fees are due in advance. There is a strict no payment, no lesson policy. As you can appreciate, singing may be a hobby for you, but it is how I make a living. Fees must be paid before your next lesson and fees are non-refundable. Payment can be made in cash or via bank transfer.


I will notify you of any changes to your scheduled lesson time due to holidays I am taking several weeks in advance.

As lessons will continue through much of the school summer holiday period, I appreciate that you will be taking holidays. Please give me at least two weeks’ notice so I can re-arrange your lessons for when you return.


What you must bring with you

Please ensure you bring all the necessary equipment with you to your lesson. While I will endeavour to ensure you have access to backing tracks and lyrics, if you can ensure you bring any extra with you. Also, please make sure you bring drinking water with you for each lesson. It is vitally important to keep hydrated especially during lessons. Should you wish to go for your singing exams (grades 1-8 under LCM Musical Theatre), you will also need to provide your own costumes for the exam. Please speak to me for further information should this be an avenue you wish to pursue.


Please note there is an active CCTV camera in the teaching room. This is to protect myself (the teacher) as well as the student and the equipment held within the room. Should you feel you have a valid reason to view any footage of your self or your child, please contact me via email with your reason, and the date and time of the lesson. Should the request be reasonable and warranted, I will arrange for a viewing at our earliest mutual convenience. All recordings are kept in a secure location.


I sincerely hope you enjoy your time at Chris Williams Vocal Coaching. If there is anything you are not happy with, please contact me as soon as possible.