Want to Learn to Sing in the Swansea Area? Afraid of where to start? Let me help you.

I’M Christopher williams Dip LCM , YOUR vocal cOACH & CONSULTANT

Singing is an emotive subject. It means wildly different things to different people. It can be a personal experience, an emotional release, a profession or simply something reserved for your shower or your car journeys. Whatever your reason for singing, I am looking forward to helping you to develop your hobby, your talent and your passion.

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My Specialties


Every voice is different. Whatever your style or genre, I will introduce you to a range of techniques and exercises to develop breath control, tone, pitch and resonance. Learn "vocal health" and build vocal stamina through correct application of techniques.

One to One

Fully Qualified, and having performed on Stage

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is about communicating a character and story to the audience. Learn to project your voice, tell that story, perform that song. Learn to "belt" safely and really bring your performance to life.

From the West End to Grand Theatre

I can help you reach your potential


Performing in front of a live band, from small pub gigs, to large stage shows in pop, rock or swing, I can help walk you through what to expect from correct microphone technique to audience awareness.

Touring Bands

Having played in bands around Wales, I can help you understand the small changes that make a HUGE Difference.


If you choose to pursue qualifications in singing, I can take you through grades 1-8 of the LCM Musical Theatre syllabus. I am also familiar with GCSE Music specifications and can support individual performance units.

Testing Services

With my Dip LCM in music, I can help you study and pass your grades

Prices for Singing Lessions

£14/(1/2 hour)
£25/(1 hour)

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