Covid Update.

The effects of the recent pandemic have been wide ranging and severe, especially to the arts sector.

Following recent Government guidelines, I have re-opened for one to one sessions. With the safety of my students and myself in mind the following will in place :

  • Hand sanitiser will be provided for use upon entering and leaving the building.

  • A three-meter distance from the student and the teacher will be maintained while either party is performing. Three meters is the current social distancing guidelines without further mitigation however;

  • Windows to the room will remain open to ensure a ventilated space to perform in.

  • I will also be wearing a clear plastic face mask to further reduce any risk.

Please see for the current guidance for performing arts and singing.

There is a great deal of research into the potential spread of coronavirus from singing. I will continue to follow and update my rules as further guidelines are established.

Of course, anyone still not wishing to attend face to face lessons can also take advantage of Zoom sessions providing they have a device capable such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.